Save our Spark!

Our universities are where the Irish Spark burns brightest. The key to protecting that spark is better state funding. Ireland’s seven universities need your help to ensure a fit-for-purpose university system for the next generation. It's time to take action. It’s time to Save Our Spark.

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Universities Impact

For the first time ever the full impact of the 7 IUA universities on the economy and society as a whole has been measured. Our universities deliver for Ireland, producing the talent and creativity that drives economic growth and contribute a staggering €8.9bn a year to the economy.

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Our Challenge

The Government has set an ambitious target for the Irish education system to be the best in Europe by 2026. Irish universities share this ambition. To deliver on these targets, our universities must overcome challenges created by a growing student population, a rapidly changing society, and, above all, serious under-investment by the Irish state. Take action by tweeting/emailing your TD!

Our Story

Since 1592 Ireland’s universities have been the starting point of many of the great things that define us as a people and as a nation, igniting movements, fuelling social change, eradicating disease and enriching our culture. They have played an instrumental role in our past and will play a critical role in our future. See how the stories of our universities have unfolded over the past 400 years…

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