Don’t Fail Us!

There’s a crisis in higher education funding. Direct funding to universities and institutes of technology for their day-to-day operations is now 40% below what it was a decade ago.

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Our Challenge

Irish universities and institutes of technology must overcome challenges created by a growing student population, a rapidly changing society, and, above all, serious under-investment by the Irish state.

The crisis in higher education funding can be solved. The money is available so it’s up to our politicians to make a decision.

FACT 1: Direct State funding per student to third level colleges is 40% less than decade ago.

FACT 2: The surplus in the National Training Fund will reach €1 billion this year. That’s a dedicated Fund to support training and skills development.

SOLUTION: Draw down an additional €300 million per year over the next 3 years to fund the deficit in third level.

Universities Impact

In 2019 the full impact of the 7 IUA universities on the economy and society as a whole was measured for the fist time. Our universities deliver for Ireland, producing the talent and creativity that drives economic growth and contribute a staggering €8.9bn a year to the economy.

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